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ZWave® Skin Tightening

Enhance Your Fat Reduction Treatment… Tighten Up Sagging Skin!

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Non-Invasive Skin Tightening

The Zimmer ZWave is an innovative treatment that uses high energy radial pulse therapy (RPT) to encourage collagen formation, which helps firm and smooth skin after receiving additional treatments. ZWave is just one extra step that can help improve your CoolSculpting treatments. Not only does it help further cellulite reduction, but it also decreases swelling and recovery time. RPT has been proven to help mend the connective tissue under the skin and enhance blood circulation, which can complement both your healing and your results.

The Zimmer Z Wave Pro diffuses strong sound waves into the tissue. The energy then spreads outward to boost the effect of the treatment. The body responds to the Z Wave Pro sound waves with an increase in metabolic activity in the form of lymphatic drainage and increased blood circulation.

In the end, patients see an improvement in the appearance of cellulite and other body contouring procedures. ZWave is completely noninvasive, with no discomfort or downtime.



ZWave stimulates collagen formation, which allows skin to become more firm and tight without surgery or downtime. The best part is ZWave enhances COOLSCULPTING® and Vanquish ME™ results.
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At SF Bay Cosmetic Body Sculpting, we look forward to helping you achieve all of your body sculpting goals by offering an array of non-invasive procedures that yield dramatic results.

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